Not a real post...

But just a note to say I'm very excited that this month I will be writing a little piece for Bikram Yoga Northampton's recently launched e-newsletter! I'll be sharing a bit about my experience doing this challenge and encouraging other students at my home studio to try doing challenges of their own! I'm so grateful to Audrey & Jeff - owners of BYN - for giving me this opportunity! I'm honored to be one of the voices speaking to my peers that I practice along side of everyday. Yay! Another channel through which to spread my yoga love!


  1. That is so exciting! I hope you share what you wrote with us when you are finished! Congratulations on being selected to share your blood, sweat and tears with the wonderful BIkram community in your area!

  2. Yay! Hope you share the e-newsletter link and/or article with us!!

  3. Whee! That's great for you, and that's great that they're starting a newsletter. Can't wait to see/read it!