The End (Not Really)

Well, I did it. Yesterday at 10:30AM I completed my 102nd Bikram yoga class in 101 consecutive days. And I actually did it every day. (That extra class is from the day my studio held it’s grand re-opening; I did a double that day just for fun since everyone was in a celebratory mood. It wasn’t a make-up.)

So how do I feel? It’s hard to put into words. That’s actually why I’ve been kind of quiet on here for the whole last part of the challenge. I’m not sure how to articulately convey my sentiments towards this experience and towards this yoga in general anymore. It seems like nothing I could say would be enough. It would be like trying to dump an ocean into a bathtub. And rather than spilling a drop, right now I’m just kind of holding onto it and savoring it all. (I’m retaining water- ha!)

I think my facebook status on day 99, which just so happened to be my birthday, did a pretty good job of summing up my feelings of late: “Today I turn 0. I figure nothing before Bikram counts… I wasn’t really alive then.”

I plan to leave this blog open for now. Thinking about changing the title... I know there’s more I want to say; I just haven’t found a way to say it yet. I will slowly start dispensing that ocean. Right now, it’s off to yoga! :)


  1. CONGRATS!!! I look forward to hearing more about how your challenge has changed you! And go you for getting right back in the room!!

  2. Since I suddenly have an Ani DiFranco quote for EVERY situation, I'll leave you with this one: "Why do you try to hold onto what you'll never get a hold on? / You wouldn't try to put the ocean in a paper cup..." :)

    SO happy for you...

  3. Ohh, this post is lovely. Oh so lovely. I am beyond amazed that you were one who did the yoga every single day *consecutively*. Wow.

    Congratulations. Again and again. :)

  4. Congratulation on finishing the challenge!

    Thank you for finally giving me a decent answer to all those people who insists on asking for specifics of how things have changed due to the challenge. (Wow, longest sentence ever) That is such a nice way to put it, ocean -> bathtub.