Toto, I don't think we're blogging in Kansas anymore.

Fear not my lovely 10 followers; I have not abandoned you or this blog. I’ve just been feeling kind of mentally exhausted lately by everything pertaining to the challenge (par for the course during this leg). I feel a little guilty since I posted a bunch of back entries from my journal right off the bat to get everyone up to speed, and then suddenly I found myself struggling to find my voice on here and start blogging in real time.

I’m still getting to class everyday – and still enjoying my practice – but lately it’s everything else that seems to be weighing on me. I JUST did laundry- how did I go through all my yoga towels already?!?! Ugh, I can’t take packing my yoga bag AGAIN! I’m sick of drinking WATER- I really just want a tall, non-fat, no whip, White Mocha from Starbucks! It’s like I still want to practice with all my heart, but I wish somehow everything else I need to do could take care of itself. I would like to be magically transported by bubble each day to the studio in a perfect state of hydration with clean yoga clothes, towels and mat in hand. And then after class I would like to click my sweaty heels together 3 times and end up back on my couch, showered, rehydrated and ready to blog. (Gosh, it was about time I worked in a Wizard of Oz reference! Favorite. Movie. Ever.)

Like The Wizard though, I’m just a real person behind the curtain. I obviously don’t possess the supernatural powers necessary to make all of that stuff happen on it’s own. So when something had to give these past couple of weeks, it was unfortunately this blog. I did sit down to try and write a few times, but nothing worthy of posting was really coming together.

On the other hand, although I pulled back on writing my own blog, I'm not feeling that I've become withdrawn at all from this experience as a whole. I’ve still been avidly following my other favorite Bikram yoga blogs, and I've been having a lot of great discussions with my teachers and other yogis at my studio about our practices. Also, a few of my best friends have even tried Bikram over these past couple of weeks, and I know at least one of them is already totally addicted and loving it! (How many classes your first week, Nina? Four? Five?!) Her frequent YRQs (yoga related questions) and the resulting talks have been a great source of joy for me. Collectively, my yogi friends, teachers and fellow bloggers have been like my Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion, and I’m so grateful for your support and accompaniment on this journey!

This past weekend Bikram's own Good Witch of the North even descended upon me in the form of senior Bikram teacher Diane Ducharme. I took a seminar with her and it was such an AMAZING day! Her passion for this yoga is invigorating and it has certainly compelled me to get back in the blogging spirit.

New posts coiming soon. I'm still with you my pretties, and this little blog too! :)


  1. i LOOOOOVE this entry! awesome. 4 classes in the first week (5 in the last 6 days). and it's all thanks to you!

  2. You just gave me a whole pile of AWESOME mental images!!!

    Also, way to go NINA!! Good for you! And Stephanie, I'm totally with you - anytime I start to lose energy in my practice, nothing picks me up better than introducing a friend and getting excited for HER.

    P.S. Writer's fatigue is normal and not a big deal. Just write when you have something to say, and don't write when you don't! ;-)

  3. Sounds like your longing for one big treat. Maybe have that mocha, or a big cup of hot chocolate. Maybe a big luxurious meal and some times with friends? I went for a trip to the sea when I felt it was all becoming to much. Might not be an option, but the forrest, or where ever you safe and can relax.

    Thanks for the update. It's great to hear we're all spreading the love, getting more people addicted.

  4. Love the oz references! If you figure out how to click the sweaty heels together and get home to the couch showered and rehydrated let me know! Obviously I'm feeling the same way as you....I am taking a blogging break. :)